Re: Open testing lab for Redfish/IPMI?

Jonas Arndt

HI Jim,

Our initial CI/CD approach would just use Git Actions and run some unit tests. We haven't discussed any open labs yet. We are forming the TSC today and we will address CICD fairly soon but I think we might be in a better position to have this conversation in a couple of weeks.


// Jonas

On 7/22/20 7:23 AM, Jim Baker wrote:

Greetings ODIM community!
One of your fellow open source communities (LFN/OPNFV) are developing a "Hardware Delivery Verification" tool for pre-install validation of bare metal. Since this task is closely aligned with the ODIM objectives, I wanted to make the introductions and explore the possibility of shared testing resources across these projects.

What are the CI plans for ODIM? Is there a set of open test labs for verifying ODIM solutions? Can you help the OPNFV team discover good ways to validate their proposed solutions?
Thanks for engaging in the open source process!
Kind regards, 

Jim Baker
Linux Foundation Networking - Technical Program Manager
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