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Parent for all *Open Distributed Infrastructure Management (ODIM)* lists. * If you are interested in participating in our technical community, please join our technical discussion groups TSC ( ) * About the project-* Emerging computing environments require deployment of IT compute, storage and networking resources from multiple vendors, across thousands of geographically distributed locations. Customers are demanding highly automated, open and scalable solutions for their multi-vendor IT infrastructure, based on widely adopted industry standards, that would enable them to deal with management complexity of their diverse infrastructure resources in a consistent, coherent and reliable way. Management of such geographically distributed, decentralized and heterogeneous multi-vendor infrastructure requires complex life-cycle and closed loop management operations, across groups of 100’s, 1000’s or even 10,000’s of infrastructure resources at a time. But today, we have a proliferation of Infrastructure Management APIs, with inconsistencies in how hardware capabilities are discovered, consumed and managed across compute, storage, networking and vendor implementations. All of which adds operational and interoperability issues  leading to unsustainable increases in complexity and cost. The ODIM community is a bold collaborative open source initiative to bring together a critical mass of infrastructure management and orchestration stakeholders to define and execute collaborative work focused on creating new critical open source building blocks, in areas such as composition, aggregation and telemetry, define new models and APIs, as well as influence key extensions to the DMTF Redfish® specifications that ODIM builds upon. This community will coordinate with other key SDOs and open source communities, with a focus on automation, simplification, consistency and interoperability of COTS and OSS infrastructure management solutions resulting in accelerating infrastructure deployments across segments, while lowering operational complexity and cost.
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